Our nine top health and beauty hacks for new mamas!

Becoming a new mama is an incredible journey in itself, but it can also equal new a new skincare routine. For some mamas, parenthood means undergoing some significant skin changes. This can be purely hormonal and temporary, and for others it can be related to breastfeeding.

It is super important to remember that while you may be time-poor, having a skincare and beauty regime is an investment in YOU. And YOU are important. There are plenty of great beauty tips out there that you can incorporate into your program... But we know - time is precious and you want something that is quick and easy. You will look and feel better (both inside and outside) for having made the time to look after yourself. Because, YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

So here are our top 9 hacks to look and feel great when you've got your hands full with little ones! 

Sunglasses: When all else fails… Sunglasses. Simply grab yourself a pair of sunglasses and no one will ever know the sleep deprived state you are in! Also, it is super important to protect your eyes from harmful UV – you want to keep those peepers peeping as long as possible x

SUNSCREEN: Speaking of harmful UV… Sunscreen. All. The. Time. Everyday. Even when the skies are cloudy the UV is damaging and prematurely aging your skin! And because you also don’t want to become one of the 2 out of 3 Australian’s that are being diagnosed with Skin Cancer before they turn 70… (HELL NO TO THAT!)

    Skin care routine: We’re big fans of the KISS principle… Keep. It. Simple, Sexy! Use products that double (or triple) down on their benefits – who’s got time for 3 different products when you can get one that does it all?! Like our Enzyme Exfoliating Mask who doubles as an exfoliator and a mask!
    When you have cleansed, hydrated skin you will look fresh and vibrant, even without make-up, and your inner babe will be shining bright for all to see!

      Hydrate: Your skin is made up of up to 64% water… So water is your skin’s best friend. Keeping hydrated is the easiest way to keep your skin looking fresher, fuller and clearer. Drinking water every day will also help you on the inside, keeping everything in good working order. Drinking water helps keep you from feeling tired and lethargic, and helps keep your appetite in check!

      DITCH THE FOUNDATION: A full face of make up takes time… and ain’t nobody got time for that! You new BFF is a tinted moisturiser or BB/CC cream… These best-buddies are designed to cover all, smooth imperfections and make you look your best in no time at all. Throw on a tinted lip-gloss or mascara and BOOM! Instant BABETOWN. 

      Dry Shampoo: Finding the time to shower is going to be a challenge in itself when you are a new mama, let alone finding the time to wash your hair! Time-poor mama meet Dry Shampoo. Hair can be unpredictable and attempting the wash and style routine on a school morning takes up way too much precious time. Investing in a bottle of dry shampoo does wonders for those mornings where your hair just isn’t cooperating. You can usually pick it up from your local grocery store and hide the fact that you haven’t got around to washing your hair for a few days!

      Ditch the nail polish: Doing your own nails, or going to the salon for a mani-pedi is going to feel like a thing of the past, sorry babe! Even if you can find the time, maintaining your SNS or acrylics is going to be a task whose energy is better spent elsewhere. A file, buff and clear coat will keep your nails looking beautiful ALL the time – and you’ll never have to hide your “Gah-I’m-overdue-for-a-mani” nails again!

      Carry concealer: Hormonal skin is unpredictable at the best of times. So don’t let it get the better of you… make sure you have a killer concealer. Whether it be on a new pimple, wrinkle or dark eyes, a killer concealer can save the day. Dark circles under your eyes scream “tired Mamma". Investing in a good concealer to cover those bags and have you faking it, until you’re making it with a fresh, rested look. No one but you and your little ones will know you were up all night long.

      SMARTER, NOT HARDER: When time is scarce, it’s super important you’re your have an armoury of little tricks that will have you working smarter not harder. Early start tomorrow? Layout your clothes the night before. Can’t find the time to do your hair? Embrace your natural look and get yourself a low maintenance cut. Love your mascara, but don’t have the time? Get a tint or extensions. Love the look of a blow wave? Schedule an evening shower and sleep in overnight braids – hey, presto! Next morning you’ve got gorgeous waves all day long! It’s the little things that can help you feel a million bucks!